Budget & Forecasting

A good budget is based on realistic forecasts and provides as a useful roadmap for the entire organization. Communication to and from all levels of the company will improve management's ability to accurately predict the future operations and their related resource requirements. Reflecting on under/over spending in specific areas of the business can pinpoint needs of greater efficiencies and assist in subsequent strategic decisions.

The customization and functionality of HIE Budgeting & Forecasting tools allow your company to measure the Key Performance Indicators you see fit. When changes in your business environment occur, the HIE Budgets can easily adapt to the new realities of the marketplace; unlike many "off the shelf" budgeting softwares.

Far & Away Vacations currently owns six high-end rental homes in popular ski and beach destinations. With each property comes a variety of fixed and variable expenses. The demo below is the property budget and analysis used by Far & Away to evaluate the profitability of each home. The owners have saved enough capital to acquire a new home, but they are unsure where to buy next.

Budget & Analysis | Far and Away