Learning Hot-keys is the BEST investment you can make.

The term hot-key is simply defined as pressing a combination of keys in order to perform a procedure on a computer. These shortcuts allow the user to bypass using a mouse.

For example, to copy data from one cell to another you can either use the mouse to select 'Copy' under the 'Edit' menu, or right click and select 'Copy'. Moving you hand to the mouse, selecting 'Copy' and then moving back to the keyboard takes approximately 2 seconds; whereas using the keystroke 'Ctrl + C' takes a split second.

The difference in time may seem minuscule for each event, but procedures like copying are performed a thousand times over in the course of any simple Excel project. If it takes half the amount time to use a keystroke, then you will be able to be twice as productive. Make the investment to learn the hot-keys for Excel and any other program you use on a daily basis.


Free Hot-key Cheat Sheet (right click to download)